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Teachers - EDUX 9930 & Administrators - EDUX 9935

Teachers - EDUX 9930 - Developing curriculum to engage all learners for 2016-17

Is there some new curriculum for next year? What about having your teachers work many extra hours planning, preparing and organizing classrooms? Would you like having your teachers working as a grade level or subject team preparing lessons, unpacking standards, creating assessments, essentially working on their own time, without extra pay, this benefits you? This would allow for a more efficient school year. This course is the answer to these questions.

Admin - EDUX 9935 - Planning for the Instructional Leader

There is never enough time in the year to get everything done. Is there a project that has been pushed to the side? Are you planning on learning any new technologies? If you are planning on spending your own time, getting ready for next year, why not get graduate credit for it? These can be some of the most useful credits you can earn.

Course Requirements:

  1. Attend an Orientation Meeting *
  2. Complete & Submit the 'Your Plan' Form
  3. Keep a log of your hours
  4. Complete Summary & Evaluation Paper
  5. Meet with Instructor for Exit Interview

You must have the following at the Exit Interview: Log of hours, Summary and Evaluation paper, and evidence of your work. (evidence is to review not to turn in)

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You must register by June 30th, 2016

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