Your Young Living Business

Sharing God's Gift

Welcome to the Young Living business Family

We are so happy that you are interested in sharing the joy of Essential Oils. The Young Living family welcomes you with open arms. Together, we help empower individuals on how to assist their own body to heal, calm emotions & live a more pure lifestyle.

Getting Started

Where to start? Host a class. Your Enroller (or upline), will help you teach classes. Generally, your upline will teach 3 for you, then by this time you will begin to be able to teach your own. You do NOT have to have a science background in order to teach. People like simple personal words and stories. If you would like this business to grow quickly. It is recommended to teach a class at least once per week. You are always welcome to invite your guests to your upline's classes as well, so take advantage!!

Qualifying for Bonus's

When someone orders a kit from you, you will make a (one-time) $25 bonus, plus 25% of their total Product Value (PV) of the order. This usually adds up to $50 unless they add more products to their order, (then you get even more). In order to qualify for this compensation, you must have ordered a minimum of 50PV yourself within this month (this can be done 2 ways, see below). Remember that 25% of their order you get? Well, you get 25% of their order for first 3 months!! Keep in mind you have to have placed at least a 50PV order yourself each month in order to qualify for these "Bonuses." There are perks to take advantage of when you place a 50PV order. Be sure to check out Essential Rewards!! Earn points back based on your own orders to get FREE oils!

Qualifying for Commissions

Remember that 25% you get the first 3 months? That is part of a "Bonus." After 3 months, you will now be paid a "Commission" of their orders for eternity! This will be 8%, 5%, or 2% depending on which "level" they are located. Don't worry, this will make more sense when you watch the video below. In order to receive this commission, you now must have 100PV (roughly a $100) personally.

This can happen in 2 ways.

A. You place the order yourself

B. Customer(s) have placed a full price (retail order) under you that has totaled 100PV

Young Living Compensation Plan Presentation (Full Length)

Keep it Rolling!

After you have held your first class, continue with them! However, ask your wholesale members to host a class for you! Most likely they are not interested in making this a business, however you can still offer them the same bonuses you received. If they are not interested in keeping the bonuses (being the "Enroller") then maybe offer to buy them a free pocket reference? Make sure each and every person understands Essential Rewards. This is the other way to keep the ball rolling. ER is a wonderful program that EVERYONE should take advantage of! Young Living has INCREDIBLE products that can replace items they are buying anyway! Like thieves cleaner, skin care products, supplements and Ningxia Red to name a few. Share the video below with your Wholesale Members!
Young Living Essential Rewards Program Explained