Northwood Notes

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Staff Edition

Mission Statement

Northwood Elementary School will provide higher-level learning opportunities for all students to maximize their potential in a safe, nurturing, respectful, and diverse environment.


Yearbooks will be in your mailboxes on Monday. Please distribute to the students on the list attached to your yearbooks. They order them when they order pictures. There is a yearbook for the classroom teacher in the bundle. If you have a student who moved please send the yearbook to the office with a note and we will mail it.

Please have each student put their name on their yearbook. This is very helpful when they get lost.

Staff members without a homeroom will get a yearbook by Tuesday.

If a student wants to purchase a yearbook they are twelve dollars and based on availability.

Lost and Found

Items are in hall next to the Media Center. Items that are not collected will be donated. Please remind parents and students. Thank you very much. I noticed several items were removed already.

**This week is a great week for students to bring home any extra items in their lockers: decorations, boots, gloves….

Celebration of the Arts

What a wonderful celebration for our community. Thank you to all that attended on Saturday.


In response to the Summer Slide link I had some parents ask me if there were any resource books I would recommend. The following link is a resource that some staff and other parents have found useful. You can also search for other resources.


Ms. Sandy Bartelo the evening custodian will retire at the end of this week. I do not know who the replacement will be.

Thank You

~The Family Picnic was fun for all who attended. I appreciate all the volunteers and families that made this event a success. Thanks for taking pictures Mary Ann.

~Thanks to Mrs. Richert and our first grade vocalists for a wonderful concert.

~Based on the crowds at the BOGO Book Fair our students will start the summer off with plenty to read!

Monday will be HAT DAY!

We did not hit our target but we did have lots of donations so NO PJ DAY on Monday.

However, we will have another HAT DAY on Monday to celebrate all of donations. We did move up in our donation amount and we had parents contribute at the picnic. THANKS!

PBIS Focus

The focus for the next week will be: Recess/Playground

*Report accidents and injuries to a staff member.

*Use "Stop, Walk, and Talk".

*Follow recess rules.

*Put all materials away.

*Follow adult directions.

*Use appropriate and positive language.

*Voice level: Outside: 4 Indoor Recess: 3

*Include everyone

*Keep feet, hands, and objects to yourself.

*Use games, equipment, and materials properly.

*Exit and exit in orderly lines. Classes are in session so voice level one in the hall.

*Stay away from the fence and remain on the playground.

These guidelines help avoid disruptions in the classrooms and the learning of others. These guidelines apply during the school day and at lunch.

Please review with your students. Thank you.

Building Note

Cleaning starts on JUNE 16. This means that you will not have access to classrooms after Monday June 15. You also have access until 10 pm each night this week.

I will be in the building from 10-3 on SATURDAY June 13. Make sure you have my number because I will have to let you in: 248-977-6073.

5th Grade News

Tentatively we will clap student out on their way to the recognition. Donna will announce but it should be at 8:30 or 8:40 when all the 5th graders have attendance done. You will line the halls by the lockers out side of your classrooms. CLAP as they walk buy.


Please save-the-date for your 5th Grader's end of year Recognition Celebration!

Thursday, June 11

8:30 am - 10:30 am

Northwood Cafeteria

Continental Breakfast, mingling and slideshow - 8:30 am - 9:00 am

Recognition Program - 9:00 am - 10:30 am

Parents --- Please drop your 5th grader off for school as normal. Students go to their classroom first. Parents, please head directly to the Cafeteria. Students will walk down to the cafeteria together after attendance.

Reminder - Check in with Diane and Patty re: checkout.

Patty is only here for half a day and you will need her John Hancock on your checkout.

Dates to Remember


6/8 Angela Meeting with SLL @ 9

6/8 Staff Luncheon in Media Center

6/8 Learning Council @ 4

6/8 Volunteer Recognition in Northwood Media Center @ 6 pm

6/8 PTA Meeting @ 7 pm in Cafe

6/9 IEP Transition Meeting @ 10:30 AM

6/9 5th Grade Rehearsal @ 1:30

6/9 BFC @ 3:40 PM

6/10 Calendar Meeting @ BO Angela 4 PM

6/11 5th Grade Recognition @ 8:30

6/11 Parent Mtg. Angela @ 2

6/11 End of 4MP

6/11 Last Day of School

6/11 NW Retirement/Year End Gathering @ 4:30

6/12 Teacher Work Day/Check Out

6/13 Relay for Life at ROHS (NOTE LOCATION)


Check for PTA event information and volunteer opportunities.



Report Cards

Report cards will be mailed home. You should receive them the about 1-2 weeks after school is dismissed for summer. A supply list will be enclosed for the next school year.