Childhood Obesity

About Obesity

Children aren't considered obese until the child weight is 10% higher than what is recommended. Obesity usually happens when a kid is 5 or 6 during adolescents. Studies has shown that 80% of children of the ages of 10 and 13 has an 80% chance of being an obese adult.

People's thoughts about the causation of childhood obesity

People think the main causes of childhood obesity is because kids are excessively eating, playing video games, not going outside as much as the children use to do and lack of exercise.

Facts for the causation of childhood obesity

Childhood obesity is caused by poor eating habits, over eating or binging, lack of exercise, FAMILY HISTORY of OBESITY, medication, stressful life events or changes, low self-esteem and depression or other emotional problems.

Correlation between peoples thoughts and the facts

The correlation between peoples thoughts and the facts of obesity is they both think it has to be between poor eating habits and lack of exercise. However, people believe that obesity is caused by playing video games, but the facts show that it has to do with medication, depression and family history.
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Why these things are happening

The Reasons why kids excessively eat could be for many reasons like they could be depressed, they don't feel good about themselves or they could be stressed eating. The reason there could be obesity is because where they are living. in certain areas there are more obese kids. In bigger cities you'll see less obese kids because there is more movement and the smaller the place the more obese kids you'll see.
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Bar graph

The bar graph is the percent of children between the ages of 10-17 in different areas that are overweight or obese. Usually in urban areas there is more of chance of low self esteem or family problems because in a city kids are more self conscious so this shows a disproves about the facts of obesity

The correlation

In the graph you could see that the in the bigger Urban area there is less kids that are obese and in the small rural area there is 4.3 percent difference in the number of obese kids. You could see that as the place gets smaller there is more obese kids