The Olympic sky blue country

Uruguay is a country in South America. Uruguay is known for its verdant interior and beach lined coast. The Capital is Montevideo. Their president is Tabaré Vázquez. It is on the east coast of South America, south of Brazil and east of Argentina. The ixpze if it is comparable to the size of Oklahoma. Mostly rolling plains in the south and a low plateau in the north. The population for 2015 is 3,432,000. Uruguay also has a temperate climate, so you can expect warm climate with evenly distributed rain throughout the year.


Tango lovers may be glad to find out that among Montevideo attractions, there are a number of good milongas: the city holds the title of “birthplace of tango” as much as Buenos Aires, and both cities have been granted the UNESCO title of intangible cultural heritage for holding the roots of tango.

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Visit Bastion de San Miguel

The gate is part of the old wall of Bastion De San Miguel and almost reaches the water. The Bastion de San Miguel, can also be found in the center of Colonia del Sacramento

Plaza de Toros de Colonia

  1. Plaza de toros Real de San Carlos is a bull ring in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay. It is currently a derelict building that is crumbling down. It is forbidden for safety reasons to access the bull ring.

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Punta Del Este

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Main dishes to eat in Uruguay

Asado - One of the most popular meals in Uruguay is the Asado or Barbecue. Note, this will most likely not be like the bbq that you see back home. Here you will be offered a much larger assortment of meat (all types of cuts) and often organ parts are grilled too. The asado is prepared on a special (large) grill called a parrilla and charcoal is used more than wood or gas. The uruguayan asado is truly heaven for all you carnivores out there.

Asado con cuero - (barbecue with skin/hide) This involves cooking the whole cow or sheep, “skin and all” (though not the inside parts). You will see the animal spread eagle on a cross near flames.

Chivito - a traditional Uruguayan sandwich with sliced steak, ham, cheese, eggs and mayonnaise. Some chivitos also have bacon added to it.

Choripán - grilled chorizo (a gourmet sausage) wedged inside a small baguette-style bread. Choripán is often eaten at the beginning of an asado.

Empanada - a type of pie/turnover which is commonly filled with ground beef (mince) or cheese.

Empanadas Gallegas - Is a fish pie filled with tuna, onions and bell peppers. Its name comes from the Galician immigrants who brought this food with them to Uruguay.

Fainá - a thin chickpea flour bread, often served with fugazza and “pizza by the meter”.

Milenesa - beef (or chicken) that is crumbed and fried. It’s similar to a wiener schnitzel.


Desserts to eat in Uruguay

Alfajores - two shortbread cookies are filled with dulce de leche (see below) and covered with chocolate.

Arroz con leche - rice pudding

Bizcochos - a pastry that comes in many shapes and size. Many are sweet, some are savory and they a Uruguayan classic, especially at breakfast or during work breaks.

Chajá - a sponge cake covered in whipped cream with crushed meringue on top. Sometimes slices of peach are added. It comes from Paysandú.

Churros – a cylinder like fried pastry filled with “dulce de leche” and coated with icing sugar.

Damasquitos - An apricot jelly candy.

Dulce de Leche - a thick brown paste made from boiled milk, Dulce de leche is the number one sweet thing of Uruguay that is used to fill cakes, pastries and medialunas or as a spread on bread. This is the same Dulce de Lecheyou will find in Argentina and is similar to Manjar from Chile.

Dulce de Membrillo - A semi-solid sweet quince jelly used as a spread on bread.

Flan - a dessert made from milk, eggs and sugar, usually topped with caramel and sometimes dulce de leche.

Garrapiñadas – caramel covered peanuts that have a hint of vanilla. They are commonly bought in little bags on the streets of Uruguay.