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How Maine Got Its Name

No one knows how Maine really got it’s name there are thousands of theories But there are two that they say are the most likely. One story is that there was a small village of the coast of England. It was owned by the Sir George family. They were the first village to have Maine written in writing. Another theory is that when the colonists first came to America one of the fist lands they discovered was Maine. They then called it Maine land. They later when they were coming up with the official state name they left out the word land and called it Maine like everyone else.

Maine Physical Features

Maine is a beautiful place. The physical features are the main reason why. It is home to forests, oceans, lakes, rivers, beaches, and mountains. Maine is 90% forests. Way more than half of Maine is forest so they spread everywhere with beautiful colors. There are forests with red, orange, yellow, and white trees. Many people go to Maine to camp, or just hang out in the forest. It also has 2,500 lakes. The biggest lake is moosehead lake. It is 117.9 miles. It has beautiful views and nice, clear water. Also there are white mountains. A well known white mountain is Long Fellow Mount Katahdin. They also have beautiful beaches. Many people go to see the wave then go to the uplands for a picnic in a forest. Maine has many beautiful features to enjoy.

Places of Interest

In Maine there are a ton of places to go like old orchard beach. It is a famous beach in maine with many things to do. Like sometimes there would be a ferris wheel. Also there is a dock that looks over the ocean with food and stores. You could also go to DeLorme headquarters. It is a device used for messaging and a GPS survival helper. There is also Desert of Maine it is and artificial desert. It was formed by the ice age when a glacier fell leaving a substance finer than sand surrounded by a beautiful pine tree forest. And last but not least there is the lighthouse of Maine. It is by portland and is a very famous attraction. It is on a rocky hillside and is on the edge of the green hill on a beach. Maine has some very old lighthouses and this lighthouse may be one of the oldests.

National Parks

White mountain National forest is a famous forest in Maine. It is a forest filled to the top with lakes, camping grounds, trees, white mountains, nature, wildlife, and tons more. It has hiking trails for the active hikers. Waterfalls and lakes for the swimmers, campgrounds and cabins for the tiered, beautiful forest for the nature lovers, and mountains to watch the sun set. There is also Rangeley lake state park. It is a decent sized park with a huge lake, moose, and a camping ground. There is not that much to do but swim in the lake and have a campfire at night. Another place to go is York colonial buildings. It is a old part of Maine where some of the oldest colonial buildings stand. Maine is known for it’s beauty and nature who knew They would make beautiful national parks

State Trivia

  • State gem stone tourmaline

  • State Fish Landlocked salmon

  • State insect honey bee

  • State Bird black-capped chickadee

  • Most eastern state in the united states

  • Only state with one syllable

  • Bath city of ships

  • 800,000 acres of forest

  • It is the only state to border another state

  • George bush has a home there

  • Pine tree state

  • Famous lobster

  • Largest blueberry crop

  • 542,679 acres of state park

  • State dessert blueberry pie

  • State song Grand state of mine

A timelapse of Maine

A short time lapse of Maine. It shows the national parks and some of Maine's greatest beauty

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