Time for a NEW All'asta Catalog!

Say goodbye to Fall/Winter and Hello to Spring/Summer on 3/1

Many Items Will Not Be Returning...Check the list below!!

If you do not see your favorite item on the list or the one (or five!) things you've been thinking about, please let me know and I can order them for you before the end of February. Click HERE to pull up a pdf of our catalog.

PLEASE NOTE: THE SAVLVATION ARMY REPURPOSED SWEATER BLANKET WILL NOT BE RETURNING nor will the BORA SCARF!!! You can still get this awesome item at HALF OFF when you host an auction party in February! I have just 4 dates left this month, so grab one now! You'll also get our NEW "Be Yourself" scarf for FREE!!!!

Available Dates in February

  • Saturday, Feb 9
  • Wednesday, Feb 13
  • Thursday, Feb 21
  • Tuesday, Feb 26

Check the list, check it twice!

These are the items that WILL BE RETURNING - if you don't see something, you won't see it in March!

Bicycle Buckle
Wild Rose Buckle
Desert Trail Belt
Urban Trays (Small, Medium and Large)
Heirloom Pence Necklace
Looking Glass (Amber, Citrine, and Ruby)
Arctic Bloom Necklace
A Rather Novel Stand
Perky Canisters (Grey, Mustard and Robins Egg)
On Cue Votive
XOXO Tic Tac Toe
Industrial @
Lost Socks
Multi Colored Mini Vases
Poetry in Motion
Orange Peel Necklace and earrings
Diva Birds
Lucky Coin Necklace
Wisdom and Faith Necklaces
Scrap Metal Paper Clip
Individually Yours Tin Planters
Hello Halo Necklace
Kelly Rae Roberts, Let it Go and Seeker
Inspirational Sound Bites
Message in a Bottle Necklace
Perched Blue Bird with Jars
Polka dot bowls
iPad Stand
Conversation Peace Trays
Eternal Eclipse Bracelet