Dewing Update

Sharing information with Families - September 30, 2019

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Penny Wars

from our PAC newsletter:

Hello All!!

What a fun Penny Wars week!! We heard lots of strategizing and theories throughout the week. The most important part to remember is that I love memes.....kidding! The most important part is that we raised money for our students and their school. If you haven’t heard, we raised $4878.08!! This is more than last year!! Thank you to all that donated and to all the volunteers! The grade level winners are:

Pre-K. Mrs. Young
Kindergarten B wing - Mrs. Reardon
Kindergarten A wing - Ms. Basteri
1st grade - Mrs. Cournoyer
2nd grade - Ms. Daley

Congrats to the winners! They all earned extra recess!!!

Monica & Val
Dewing Co-Chairs