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September 4th 2020

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Upcoming Events

-Monday, Sept. 7th-No School-Labor Day

-Friday, Sept 18th-Athletic Forms for all 5th-8th students due

-Wednesday, Sept 30th-School fees are due

School Fees

We now have the ability for parents to pay for school fees, lunches/milk, and daycare online.

Your school fees have been “billed to your account”. To pay, log into Skyward, click on the Fee Management tab, you will see the school fees listed, click on Make a Payment (if you have more than one child, you can do this with any of them), this will take you to another site where you will see your Food Service balance as well as the required fees due. Click Add to Cart, do this for each of the fees if you have more than one child. You will also see Optional Fees, this is where you would select Athletic/Activities Fees. We are not collecting athletic/activity fees at this time, so only 4K Milk is listed (for 4K snack milk). Once you have everything added to your cart, you can Checkout. Please note, there is a service fee for using this service.

If you would like to send in a check for your fees, please download and complete the form, print it, and send it to the front office. We have copies available if you are not able to print.

Fee Payment Form

School fee are due by Wednesday, Sept. 30th.

Guidelines from the front office

The below guidelines apply to face to face, blended and virtual students:

* if your student will not be in school on a certain day please let the front office and their teacher know. as soon as possible.

* if your student will be coming to school late please let the front office and their teacher know. If your student would like hot lunch or a milk for that day please call the front office by 8.30am that day with the lunch choice.

* if your student needs to leave school early please let the front office and their teacher know.

* if your student has a change to their end of day normal routine please call the front office by 2.30 pm so we can notify your student of the change. Due to limited seating on the bus only students that are assigned to a bus can ride that bus. No other students will be allowed on that bus.

Thank you!

Sophie Matthys


2020-2021 Athletics-5th-8th grade

Any girls wanting to play Girls Basketball must sign up with Mr. Andress by Wednesday, September 9. A decision on the girls basketball season will potentially be made on September 23.

So registration is occurring in case we play and athletic paperwork for ALL students (BOYS & GIRLS) that may wish to participate in basketball or volleyball this year is still due by Sept 18th to Mr. Andress. Forms can be picked up at the front office or can be found on our website.

We ask at this time that you hold off on the athletic fee payment until such time the conference makes a decision on the season for Girls Basketball. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Erin School Library News

Please watch this video from Mrs. Kaschinske for more info about our school library.

Free Meal Program

Dear Parents, and Guardians

The USDA recently announced that funding is available for all children to receive free meals through December 2020 or until appropriated funds are exhausted.

Beginning Tuesday, September 8, 2020, all students will be able to receive a hot lunch at no cost whether on-campus or learning virtually. Please note, milk for cold lunches will still be charged to the families.

Meals are available for any child age 18 and under or enrolled high school students over 18, regardless of free/reduced lunch status.

Families are encouraged to continue to complete the free and reduced price meal application if they believe they qualify as this information may be used to waive eligible school fees, determine educational funding, and will be needed when district-wide free meals end.

On-campus Learners:

  • Students will go through meal lines as usual. There will be no charge for lunch.

Virtual Learners:

  • Curbside Meals are available for pick up with advance order. Please contact Mrs. Conway for ordering details.

If you have any questions, please contact Cathy Conway at 262-673-3720 ext. 4140 or

Childcare Opening

We have an opening in our childcare program on Monday and Wednesday, 7.30 am-3.30 pm.

If you are interested please email Dr. Kriewaldt (

Scrip Program

Do you purchase gift cards? Consider buying them thru our SCRIP program and help raise money for our school. Click here for more details.

Community News

* Erin Soccer Club-registration is open. Please visit their website for more details.

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