Yadkin-Pee Dee River Basin

By: Josh Mayo, Isaac Hampton, Kobie Crowe

Facts of the Yadkin-Pee Dee River Basin

  • The name of this river basin is yadkin pee dee
  • The river basin is located in Piedmont triad
  • The miles of streams and rivers is 7,221 square miles
  • The population of the residence in yadkin river basin is 1,675,937 this is since 2010
  • 5 important land-forms is Badin Dam, Goose Creek, Idian Mound, Uwharrie national forest, Pilot mountain
  • 2 Non-point sources are rain water/ storm drains and the second one is ground water flooding and taking in all the pollutant in the soil
  • 2 Point Solution are water treatment plants also power-plants
  • To solve for the non point solution is to reroute the storm drains to somewhere safer or have someone clean the storm drains every month or so
  • To solve point solution we can tell the head people at the power plant to dispose of there dangerous substances safely