PowerFul Instruction

I have attended several inservices with Anita Archer and I wanted to share some of the information from her inservice. I recently attended "Powerful instruction" and feel that her strategies will work will all students. Many of you have probably attended her workshops and might have her book"Explicit Instruction".

Paragraph Shrinking (Getting the Gist")

This is a strategy that I really like and thought I would share.

1. Name the who or what the paragraph is about in a brief phase

(The main person,animal, or thing)

2. Tell the most important thing about the who or what.(2 or 3 details about the topic)

3. "Shrink"the paragraph by stating or writing the main idea in 10 words or less.

(Optional: Record your main idea sentence.)

Many students struggle with understanding what they read and this strategy can help clarify their understanding.