josies winter plan

a lesson about planing ahead

Josie the turtle as on her daily walk when she overheard a couple squirrels talking about winter. Josie decide to interrupted their conversation. Hello I overheard you guys talking about winter, are you already planning for hibernation? Yes we are said one of the squirrels. don't you think its a little early, I mean spring just started. "Yes it did but last year we decided to start gathering food in the middle of the summer and we just barley had enough food for the four of us". Oh well I plane to start gathering my food in fall Josie say proudly. Do you really think that will be enough time to get all the food you'll need for the winter? I don't know, but I guess will find out when the time comes Josie said.

Josie wishes the squirrel good luck and goes on her way. The days went on and everyday on Josie's walk she went by the squirrels tree and watch them as they were prepare for winter along with all the other animals while Josie doesn't have anything. when winter finally came around all the other animals had all the food they needed while Josie still didn't have any food. Josie finally learned her mistake of not planning ahead.

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