war of 1812

by Abby


France and great britan were at war. t=The amaricans got inbetween them and that caused the WAR OF 1812.

Leading Up to the War

on this war neither side wanted its enemy to trade with the united states.impresment of these soldiers ment that they were forsed to work on british ships .Great Britan and the united states were also in conflict over the northwest territory.

war with great britan begins

in 1809 James Madison became president and wanted peace for the U.S.then three years later dicided it war was the best .

The War At Sea

Early in the war the United States tried several times to invade Canada,they did not succeed.However the American war ship beat the British ship.

Battle on Land

in August 1814 the British attacked Washington D.C .presedent Madison and other leaders were forsed to flee the city.The Star Spangled Banner was set to music and became the U.S national anthem.

Fighting For New Orleans

By the end of 1814 Great Britan and united states decided to sign a peace treaty.During this battle the britash suffered more than 2000 casulatiesor people who were injured or killed.The Amaricans only had 71 casulaties.

the return of peace

The treaty of Ghent,witch ended the war simply made things like they war befor the war.when the war between the british and france was over in 1815,so did Amarican problems with british navel policies.