Leland Novak

I clutched her hand

Kim picked it up and scurried away, bringing our conversation to an end. I got to my feet. The wind had started howling and I needed to get to my hut. What Kim had told me buy twitter followers only confirmed what I already knew. Nothing. Absolutely nothing other than a lot of contradicting stories.

Since the first day of my arrival on the island, my hut had become my place of safety. My comfort zone. The storm changed that. The flickering overhead light and the howling wind turned my little haven into a dwelling of shadows and strange noises, whipping my imagination into full speed. I put the unopened bottle of Mekong on the table next to the two books I had set out in preparation for the evening ahead. In an attempt to contain my thoughts, I opened the first book, trying to concentrate on the words.

Then, giving up, I pushed it aside and tried the other book, slamming the cover when a particularly loud shriek made me jump. I poured some Mekong into a glass, adding soda and lemon, wanting to pace my consumption. The unleashing of nature seemed to have a similar effect on my emotions, setting loose a multitude of doubts and fears that I’d been working to suppress. I got up, pacing back and forth. Trying to sidestep the questions screaming out for answers. What was I doing on a remote island without my husband? Did I really have a marriage anymore? The thought of divorce terrified me yet, from what I’d seen, the buy twitter followers real trouble came later.

Like devastation after a hurricane. I thought of Lisette, trying to feed her ego by using men as objects. People do crazy things when they feel rejected. On the other hand, could betrayal alone turn a person into a murderer? For whether or not she had actually succeeded in doing anything to Eddy, Lisette appeared, chillingly, comfortable with the idea of murder. And what about Danny? Why wouldn’t she admit to knowing him? Did she have something to do with his disappearance? The possibilities were too disturbing. With the next shriek of the wind, I picked up the bottle of Mekong and poured another drink, this time taking it straight.

How had I gotten mixed up in such things? Deceit. Drugs. Murder. The moaning and howling of the buy twitter followers elements had become like wailing ghosts, in search of a resolution before they could be put to rest. But I had no answers. As soon as the weather cleared, I’d leave.

Escape to the safety of home. Yet what home did I have? An empty house in Seattle? A husband, happily occupied in another part of the country? I had become like Eddy. A citizen of the world, with a taste for a certain white powder. After facing my worst fears, and the bottom of the Mekong bottle, I finally fell asleep to the sound of rain pelting against the bungalow. If I were swept out to sea, so be it; a fitting end, considering how my life had become one huge effort to keep my head above water. Elsa had commented that the storm would clear the air.

She was right. I woke to brilliant sunshine flooding buy twitter followers my room, sweeping away the last vestiges of ghosts of the night before. Hurrying to the door, I stepped outside; breathing in the buy twitter followers fresh, clean air. Everything appeared vibrant. Green leaves glistening against vivid blue sky. Water sparkling with such brilliance, it seemed the storm had scattered diamonds on the surface.

The island had been laundered, scrubbed clean. Transformed back to how it appeared when I first arrived. I thought of Lisette; I should visit her. But her ailment wasn’t life threatening. At least, not to her.
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