Note-taking made organized and simpler than ever before!

Note taking at its finest!

Need a place to easily access your notes and jot something down at any place or time? Then ColorNote is the app for you! The space is unlimited and can be easily found on your Android. When you save your notes, you assign a color to it, and every note assigned to that color can be found in the same place. In each color, for example Green, if you have multiple notes under Green, then you can put a title on each note so a specific note under a specific color can be distinguished. Not only can you take simple notes on ColorNote, this app also has an option to make lists, such as shopping lists, etc. One more amazing thing about this is that it's FREE!

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Imagine you see something beyond belief that you have the great urge to write it down but you don't have any paper or pencils or anything to write that amazing thing down. No worries! Because ColorNote is right inside your pocket and there to help. ColorNote makes note taking easier, faster, and more efficient. Unlike writing something down on paper, there is no way to lose your notes, they are there right when you enter your app.

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Why ColorNote in school?

Not only can you use ColorNote for personal uses, but you can also use it for school! Whether you're having trouble memorizing a math formula, or need to write notes on the book you're reading in Language Arts. And because of ColorNote's clever composition, you can record all of these things and more without getting them mixed up or lost.