Pro Wrestler - My Future Career

by Hayley McCardie

Daily Activities

Most wrestlers are either working out, training, or performing at a live event. If they aren't needed at a live event, they're probably training or having their own free time. If they're at a live event, they're either in a match or a segment.

Working Conditions

The working conditions of a professional wrestler are:

-Usually wear uniforms or gear.

-Travel a lot

-Must consistently perform at a high level of accuracy and completeness

-Are somewhat responsible for the results of actions taken by others

Yearly Wages

For a wrestler, it depends on how much you perform for your salary. People like The Rock and John Cena make millions of dollars, other wrestlers who aren't shown as much as them probably get around thousands of dollars.

Preparation and Training

You would need to stay in good physical shape, a high school diploma, to be talented, and to put in years of practice. The training part, there's many wrestling programs that will help you train, such as the Xtreme Wrestling Center in Raytown, MO. Some WWE wrestlers are in something called NXT, which is pretty much preparing everyone there for the big leagues, like RAW or other pay-per-views.

Skills and Abilities

Some skills and abilities needed for this career are:

-To be able to concentrate and focus while performing a task

-Understand spoken and written information

-Check how well one is learning or doing something

-Be aware of others' reactions and understand the possible causes

-Judge the costs and benefits of an action

Recommended Classes

AP (Advanced Placement), Health and P.E., and business classes are recommending.
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