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August 2013

Welcome back!

At RPS, we are super excited about beginning a brand new school year. There are many changes in the library media center, including a NEW LIBRARIAN! Come check out the library.

Periodically, the LMC will send out library newsletters to inform you of learning resources, new books, reading programs, research projects, technology tips, special events, and other news.

Meet the New Library Media Specialist

My name is Julie Gullett. This is my first year serving as the LMS (library media specialist), but I have taught 1st and 2nd grade at RPS for the past 8 years. I recently received my Rank I degree from WKU in library media (December 2012). I also have another master's degree in incorporating technology in the classroom from Walden University (June 2009). I received my undergraduate degree in elementary education from Kentucky Christian University (May 2005).

I am married to my husband, Chris. We just celebrated our first anniversary this summer (June). Along with learning a new job, we are preparing for another new job-being first time parents! We are expecting our first child, Avery, in December.

I love teaching kids how to find information and use technology to communicate what they are learning. I am looking forward to getting kids hooked on books, getting them to read outside of their comfort zone, teaching them how to be good digital citizens, plus much more. I am really looking forward to this new adventure and I hope you are too! See you in the library!

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The RPS Library has a Twitter account to help keep you connected to what is happening at our wonderful library. Check it out (twitter.com/RPSlibrary) and follow us. If you do not already have a Twitter account, sign up for a free account. Watch the YouTube video ("How to Set Up a Twitter Account") to learn how to set up an account.

Volunteers Needed!

We are looking for volunteers to help make our library the best library ever! Volunteers can be any age or any gender. The only qualification you must meet is that you have passed a background check for the Russell Independent Schools. If you are interested in volunteering and have not completed a background check, contact Central Office (606-836-9679). Volunteers can help make displays, work Scholastic book fairs (2 per year), process new books, and advocate for the library. Please contact Mrs. Gullett or Mrs. Joyce if you are interested in helping.

Green School Project

Please save all your empty ink cartridges (ink jet or laser) as well as old cell phones. Send them to school and we can recycle them and earn money for the library. Just send them to the library and we will take care of the rest. Thanks!

Family Reading Nights

"Children are made readers on the laps of their parents." This quote by Emilie Buchwald is so true. Take some time each Thursday night to come read with your child at the RPS library. Your child can work on their AR goal at this time as well. Watch newsletters, the RPS library website, and Twitter for special reading nights with themes such as Pajama Night!

Fall 2013 Family Reading Night Dates:

-September 5 6-7 pm

-September 12 6-7 pm

-September 19 6-7 pm (Pajama Night- wear your PJ's and read with your favorite stuffed animal)
-September 26 6-7 pm
-October 17 6-7 pm (Celebrity Night- Come walk the red carpet and read with a local celebrity!)
-October 24 6-7 pm
-November 7 6-7 pm
-November 14 6-7 pm
-November 21 6-7 pm (Thanksgiving Night- Students and families will travel to different areas to have a thanksgiving book read to them. Students who listen to all 4 stories will be entered into a contest to win a Thanksgiving book set.)
-December 12 6-8 pm (Family Shopping Night at the Winter Book Fair)

New Library Procedures

-This year students will be allowed to check out 2 books at a time instead of 1.
-All books have a one-week check out period. Books must be returned before new books can be checked out.
-2nd and 3rd grade students may check out 1 magazine each week as one of their book selections.
-Any student who has an overdue book, will receive an overdue notice to help remind them to find the book and return it.
-Any books that cannot be found will be expected to be replaced by paying for a replacement copy.
-Overdue books will remain on the child's account until the book(s) are returned or a replacement fee has been rendered. Students will not be allowed to check out a book until their account is clear. The child will be allowed to browse the collection, but will not be able to check any books out until their account is clear. At the beginning of each grading quarter, students who still have books checked out according to their account will again be allowed to check out, but the books will remain on their account. All books will be expected to be returned or paid for by the end of the school year. Any student who has a clear account for the entire grading period (9 weeks) will get to participate in a celebration to recognize them for taking responsibility. This celebration will be repeated each nine weeks grading period.

Book Care

As school gets back into the swing of things, students will be learning how to take care of library books so that all students can enjoy them. Please encourage your child to take good care of the books they check out and keep them in their bookbag once they are finished reading the books. Keeping them in their bookbag will help to ensure that your child has his or her library books on their library day.

Each child will be allowed to check out 2 books each week. They can keep books checked out for one week. They can return books at any time. They do not need to wait until their library day to make a return or check out new books.

Library Day Reminder Card

During their first library class, your child will recieve a magnetic reminder card to post on the refrigerator at home. Please help your child select a spot on the fridge to place it on. The goal of this card is to remind your child every week about their library day and to remember to return their library books. Thank you for helping your child practice responsibility.

About the RPS Library

Mrs. Julie Gullett- Library Media Specialist
Mrs. Joyce Basham- Library Media Aide

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