Small School Tips & Tricks

Making Life Easier for Principals at Ralls HS & Ralls MS

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PART 1: TECH Savvy Ways to Save Time and Maximize Communication

Zero Hall -- Google Sheet

Detention -- Google Sheet

Google Forms -- Voting and Class use

Google Calendar

Monday Morning Message

PART 2: Maximizing Student Time in Classroom

Bell Schedules: A/B, Mod A/ Mod B, Athletic Periods, Leave Time before Season

Enrichment: HS (STAAR Tutorials, Class Meetings, Extracurricular Meetings, UIL, Pictures, Drug Test) and MS (UIL, STAAR, Extra…)

Lunch Detention: Immediate Consequence for Tardies and Dress Code

PART 3: Celebrating our School!

Teacher Morale

  • Teacher Work Room
  • Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest
  • Door Decorating Contest
  • Teacher Wall
  • Say Something Nice
  • New Teacher Shower

Student Morale

  • Post-Cards
  • 6-Weeks Assembly
  • PRIDE Rally
  • Newspaper
  • Senior Walk, Senior Trip
  • Facebook

PART 1: TECH Savvy Ways to Save Time and Maximize Communication


Monday Morning Message: Minimize Staff Meetings

  • Weekly emails sent out to staff prior to new week. Includes a week's worth of information
  • This example was for the last 2 weeks of school
  • Helps to minimized questions
  • Include all important information
  • Minimizes staff meetings: 3-5 Staff Meetings all Year: Word of Advice "Deal with problems head on, don't send staff emails or arrange staff meetings if 1 teacher is causing issues, deal with them individually and reserve mass emails and meetings for information that pertains to all
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Part 2: Maximizing Student Time in the Classroom

Bell Schedule

  • Regular A
  • Regular B
  • Modified A
  • Modified B

Athletic Periods

  • Maximizes time athletes are in class

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  • STAAR Tutorials
  • Class meetings
  • Pictures
  • 6 weeks assemblies
  • UIL Practice
  • Military recruiters
  • Drug testing
  • anything "extra"

Lunch Detention

  • Dress code violations and tardies mainly
  • Immediate consequence
  • Sign up form in office
  • Used sometimes for minor infractions as well

Part 3: Celebrating Our School!!!

Teacher MORALE!!!

You have to find creative ways for your Teacher's to look forward to coming to work!

Teacher Work Room

Not in our BUDGET to provide snacks for everyone. Money is used for Activity account, and we just recycle money into account. Honor system to pay up front, or use IOU on money box mounted in workroom.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

Door Decorating Contest

The only time they can work on these is during Enrichment. 2 week window. Before/After School. Google Form used to vote!

Teacher Wall

Include Senior Picture (Allow students to see you as a HUMAN!), and write a letter to your Senior Year Self giving yourself advice.

Say Something Nice...

Use a Google Form... Teachers fill out something nice about every teacher including themselves. Set form so that all responses have to be completed in order to submit.. includes saying something nice about themselves!
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New Teacher Shower

  • All Returning Teachers Bring a "Gift" to all new teachers
  • Done 1st Day of In-Service
  • Do Ice-Breaker Activities: Speed-Dating Style Questions with Rotations



  • Done every 6-weeks. Choose a student that has done well (not necessarily the highest average)
  • Every Teacher chooses 6 different students over the course of the year
  • 1 teacher and 1 student will get chosen as the Student of the 1st 6-Weeks, and Teacher of the 1st 6-weeks

6-Weeks Assemblies: Recognition set aside for every 6-weeks to recognize students accomplishments!

  • ALWAYS RECOGNIZE: A Honor Roll, A-B Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance, Student of the 6-Weeks
  • Prizes given to each group, won through games. Try not to use athletic events, we use Rock-Paper-Scissors, High-Low, Random Name Generators (
  • OTHER RECOGNITION: Recognize students for FFA, UIL, NHS, Athletics, Cheerleading, Classroom Activities


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  • Get teachers to send pic, do a write-up and remember to send to local paper. Some of the older generation don't do Facebook, their perception is based off what they see in the paper
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Senior Walk, Senior Trip

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Facebook: Pics and Videos

  • Main Source of Communication with Community (1700 Likes in a community of 1500)
  • Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!!!
  • Videos: Tributes to Teacher of the Year, Teachers that are Retiring
  • Everything else that is listed from above
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Part 4: What Can You Share With Us?

We value your feedback, but...

We are here to learn. What are you doing in your school to make it better? Are you willing to share it with us? Email us at:

Marshal Herron

Jeremy Griffith

Miguel Salazar