S'MORE News from Second Grade

April 14, 2020

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Lesson Plan for Week of April 13, 2020

Please click the blue button above to access the Lesson Plan for the week.

Please continue to give us at least 48 hours to review completed and submitted work and make constructive comments.

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Dreambox Login

Second grade teachers assign Dream box math for homework. We have been informed that some students are having difficulty logging into Dreambox.. Students must log in through Webdesk. They must type in Webdesk.pisd.edu in the browser. They then enter their username and password:

Username: firstname.lastname.1

Password: Second2!

Students then click on the Dreambox app to practice their math skills.


What is DreamBox Learning Math?

● DreamBox Learning Math, the next generation of web-based learning,

provides personalized math learning in an engaging, fun, game-like


● DreamBox automatically adapts to each student, optimizing his or her

learning experience. The engine does this by customizing the lessons,

difficulty, hints, pace, and sequence to match a student’s knowledge and

learning style -- just as a great tutor would!

Tips for Parents

Encourage students to FINISH lessons. Explain to students that

DreamBox is constantly taking into consideration their keystrokes,

strategies, speed and answers to build the best “next step”. However, the

platform won’t register all of that data if a lesson is incomplete. The best

way for a learner to show what he or she knows or doesn’t know is to

finish the lesson. Ask them to not out of a lesson because they want to try

another. Encourage them to finish. If they must close a lesson, have them

start with that lesson when they play DreamBox again. It is okay to get

wrong answers and to try their own strategies.

Encourage them to use the “Help” (K-8) and “Hint” (3-8) buttons .

Use only the program. No pencil, paper or calculator. DreamBox will

provide any workspaces needed and break the problem down into

manageable parts. Students should use the tools and virtual manipulatives

to guide them.

Don’t help students answer problems. The program engine wants to

“learn the learner.” If a student gets help, the software adjusts as if the

student understands the lesson. DreamBox will eventually adapt back to

the “right” level for the student, but if a parent helps, it can take longer and

impede progress.

Encourage a growth mindset. It is okay for students to make

mistakes and try their own ideas! Let students know that it is okay to

get the “Oops, try again!” notification. When students worry about getting

wrong answers, they are often hesitant to try new ideas. Mistakes are

okay! We learn from mistakes every day. Students should be encouraged

to test their own strategies. This leads to true mathematical discoveries

and thus understandings, and lifetime confidence in mathematics learning.

Curriculum Information

Listed below are topics currently being taught in the Second grade. We encourage you to support what we are teaching in the classroom by asking your child what they have learned each day and discussing these topics with your child.


Fact Fluency





Language Arts

Reading with fluency

Comprehension skills - text features

Writing complete sentences

Capital letters at the beginning of a sentence

Punctuation at the end of a sentence



Procedural Text

Social Studies


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Math Fact Quizzes

Below are a couple of websites for your children to practice their Math Facts online. Please have them practice daily. One of our second grade objectives on our Portfolio Conference sheet is to “Recall basic facts to add and subtract within 20 with automaticity.” Practicing their facts in some way each day will help increase their automaticity.