Tidbits and So FOURTH

Savannah Elementary 4th Grade Newsletter

Week of 10/2/17 through 10/6/17


Welcome to our Fourth grade newsletter! This newsletter will be emailed to parents each Tuesday. It will also be posted on our 4th grade website. Please be sure to read it thoroughly each week in order to be well informed about what is happening at school!

This Week in Class

  • Math: Students will add and subtract whole numbers using standard algorithm.
  • Reading: Students will identify what makes a good summary.
  • Writing: Students will generate ideas for realistic fiction plots and characters.
  • Science: Students will describe different forms of energy.
  • Social Studies: Students will know what life was like in East Texas for the American Indians long ago.

Fundraiser ending soon!

You have until October 4th to sell items for our fall fundraiser. This fundraiser helps support our school to provide curriculum materials for classrooms. We hope many of our students are earning their tour of AT&T Stadium!
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Awards Assembly - This Friday!

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  • Morning Arrival - Students may begin entering classrooms at 7:30am. They need to be in their seats, ready to begin the day by 7:40am. It is important that students arrive on time each day so that they have the time they need to unpack, prepare for the day, and complete their morning warm-ups. Students who do not complete their morning work may have to attend study hall.
  • Please ensure that you are signing your student's take home folder EACH and EVERY day. This is our primary source of communication! Students will receive a written warning if their folder is unsigned.
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  • Reading - Students should read at least 30 minutes each night and log their minutes on the calendar located in their daily binder. Student must total 120 at home reading minutes by Friday morning.
  • Math - Imagine Math - Each week students should complete and pass two lessons at home. See the feature in our newsletter for more information. Students may consider writing the names of the lessons they pass at home in a notebook or in their homework calendars to help them keep track.
  • If students fail to complete their homework for the week they will receive a red tag and have to make up reading minutes and/or lessons during recess/study hall.

Imagine Math Has Started!

Imagine Math (formerly known as Think Through Math or TTM) homework will start this week! Please have your student log on this evening to start their homework.

  • Students are required to pass 2 IM lessons per week in order to have completed homework.

  • Homework will be checked for completion every Friday morning at 8:00am. This is when homework is due.

  • Should a student fail to log on for the week, or passes 0 lessons, they will receive a red tag and will attend study hall that day to complete homework.

  • If a student only passes 1 lesson, they will receive a warning and will attend study hall that day to complete homework.

  • In order to access IM, please visit the district single sign-on portal at sso.dentonisd.org. This can also be accessed through the Savannah Elementary website here: http://www.dentonisd.org/savannahes >students>single sign-on.

If you are currently experiencing technical difficulties at home, do not have access to a computer, laptop, tablet, or phone, etc. please let your teacher know immediately so that arrangements can be made here at school. The earlier we are aware of an issue, the more likely we will be able to help your student.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns regarding IM!

~4th Grade Math Teachers

Word Talk Words

Students will be learning a new spelling pattern, word part, and sight words each week. Once taught, students are responsible for spelling of these words across the curriculum.

Several students have requested access to our words on Spelling City. If this is an activity your students enjoy doing at home to work on their words, here is the link!

Spelling Pattern - the "rabbit rule"

  1. lesson
  2. tennis
  3. happen
  4. better
  5. banner
  6. comment
  7. rubber
  8. shudder
  9. fossil
  10. supper

Word Part - prefix - mis-

  1. misbehave
  2. misspell
  3. misread

Sight Words

  1. hundred
  2. thousand
  3. hundredth
  4. thousandth

Tips & Tricks!

Check out this video to review the realistic fiction genre! Students will be writing their own realistic fiction story this six weeks.

Check out this video for our character trait of the month - Creativity!


Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences have begun. Please be sure to communicate with your student's teacher to setup a time for your conference.

Mark Your Calendar

Sept. 20 - Oct. 4: Fall Fundraiser

Oct. 4: Report Cards go home

Oct 6: 1st Six Weeks Awards Assembly - 9:05am

Oct. 12: Early Release Day

Oct. 13 and 16: No School, Professional Development Days

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Scholastic Book Orders

Book orders will be placed monthly through your child's teacher. To ensure your child's books get delivered to the correct classroom please use the following codes when placing online orders.

Connect with Us

Please contact your child's teacher directly about any questions or concerns that you have. We look forward to partnering with you to challenge your child to reach their academic and social potential.