character Analysis: Hope

Hope was here

Nick Jonas - Bacon ft. Ty Dolla $ign

hope was here

Cooking and cleaning and leaving diner to diner

bus girl bring people water and food and a auntie who love her

and number 1 supporter

and leaving best friend to making another best friend that say she will visit but not really visit

"I really hate leaving place to place".

why i choose this video

It's about enjoying bacon with everything cause bacon taste good with everything and at your favorite restaurant to eat and no drama in my life and enjoying life getting food you pick to eat anything that you want to eat, being serve your food to eat, and not having to cook and this video is a fun and up exciting beat to listen to
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personal connection

My connection to this book that we both teenage and like enjoying life and that she happy that she have someone important in her life that care for her I do to it's my mother and hope have her auntie who care for her.


Do you like your job?

try not to give up on life?

if you had a chance to go back in time and change anything what would you change?

is it hard making friends?