Avon Grove Charter School

Early Learning Center

K-3 2022 Tutor List

Dear Parents,

At the end of each year, parents often ask about summer tutoring. Although we do not offer AGCS-sponsored tutoring over the summer, we have traditionally created a list of teachers who are willing to provide summer tutoring for a fee.

If you are interested in securing a tutor for your child, please feel free to contact any of the teachers below:

Teacher Names and Contact Information

Erin D'Avanzo - edavanzo@agcharter.org (Available before or after Summer Academy at ELC.)

Giavanna Daddezio - gdaddezio@agcharter.org (Available before or after Summer Academy at ELC or Zoom.)

Cait Kramer - caitkram@gmail.com (Meet at the Kennett Library or Zoom tutoring sessions.)

Janessa Worthington - jworthington@agcharter.org (Meet at the Avon Grove Library or student's home.)