Anna Cain & Elijah Mendoza

Product of Composting

The main product of composting is fertile soil. Organic matter that can help grow plants.

The things we PUT in a compost bin

Table scraps, plants, manure, vegetables, eggshells, bread, flour, pasta, nuts, nutshells, soup, sauces, and seafood shells. Basically most vegan items.

Five examples of greens.

  • plants
  • manure
  • grass clippings
  • yard debris
  • coffee grounds

Five examples of browns.

  • leaves
  • straw
  • hay
  • wood chips
  • twigs
  • sawdust
  • overall small pieces of wood
  • eggshells
  • cardboard
  • DEAD things
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Temperature of Compost

Compost will eventually heat up, keep it around 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to pay attention to the temperature and keep it wet.
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Things to avoid in a compost bin

  • plastic
  • milk/juice cartons
  • napkins
  • metal cans
  • aluminum
  • paper plates
  • glass jars
  • silver ware
  • PLU stickers
  • metals
  • inorganic matter
  • big pieces of wood
  • bones
  • meat
  • dairy
  • grease
  • oils
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Decomposer's and their JOBS

Bacteria, worms, and other decomposers break compost down, they also speed up the process.

Water and how it is NECESSARY

Water speeds up the composting process, and makes it easier for the decomposers.


Makes plants grow faster, heals the soil so plants grow better. Reduces Methane and Leachate, which is from landfills, and pollutes water. Reduces SPACE in landfills.


  • Composting is part of a cycle
  • Decomposers can be microscopic
  • Composting takes a long time, but for a good cause
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