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Looking Back

Thank you to all the parents who came for a great Back to School night. It was good to see you all and connect. You have amazing children, who are friendly, passionate, loving, happy and fun to be around. Here is a summary of some of the things we discussed at Back to School night:

Our classroom goal at the moment is to work together as a group and have great experiences not only in the classroom but fieldtrips as well. Some of the things we currently working on:

Self-Help/Independence - Your children are quite capable of doing things for themselves. They just need a little encouragement from us and for us to allow them the time and space to do it:

- putting/taking shoes on/off

- washing hands

- putting/taking jackets on/off

- walking by themselves

- carrying their lunchboxes

Self-help and independence help build self-esteem, self-importance (“I did it”), confidence. It’s a building block for future success.

Social Awareness - Take turns, share and use language to solve problems

Accountability - Be accountable for their actions, for example “If I choose to leave my jacket at home, I will be cold at school” or “If I choose to hurt my friend, I lose the privilege of playing with him/her.”

Following Directions - Listening and following instruction the first time they are asked. Be able to follow 2-3 step directions, for example, put your shoes on, wash your hands and get your lunchbox

Impulse control

Spatial awareness - for example, I need to ask my friends to step aside instead of pushing through

Looking forward

We will continue working on the group goals mentioned at Back to School Night. October is a very colorful month. We will explore the harvest and farm life as we go to the farm at the end of the month. More info is on the main page, please click the link for detailed information.

We will look inside pumpkins and count the seeds. We would like to have donations of pumpkins so we will have various sizes, shapes and colors to explore. It is a wonderful sensory activity for the kids and they enjoy it tremendously. Thank you in advance for the pumpkins.

In addition we will look at the trees around us and notice how they change color. We will explore the tree leaves. It’s a good time to go to the nature walk with your children and if you find some interesting leaves, please bring them in to share with the class. Harvest brings some yummy food to eat. We will do some delicious cooking and tasting.

Thank you- Miss Neringa

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