The Harlem Renaissance

Kayln Ellenburg

History and Information


-black art reform, including jazz and poetry

-The Harlem Renaissance influenced future generations of black writers, but it was largely ignored by the literary establishment after it waned in the 1930s. -With the advent of the civil rights movement, it again acquired wider recognition.

Artwork from the Harlem Renaissance

Mother to Son by Langston Hughes

This poem is written in perspective of a mother talking to her son. She tells him that life isn't going to be easy, but she is still going. She wants her son to be successful in life and work through all the hard times.


When my own dreams are deferred I get discouraged. I try to push through all the hard times while working through it. Before when my dreams were deferred, I worked harder to push through the hard times. I want to be successful in life and do my best work possible.
April Rain Song by Langston Hughes
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