3 for Thursday

February 4, 2016

1. PixiClip

So... I am getting on up in years and my memory fails me sometimes. I think I may have shared this resource with you in the past as an option for an online whiteboard. This week I have been experimenting with tools for the flipped classroom model, and have found that I absolutely LOVE Pixiclip! Pixiclip is an online canvas/whiteboard with basic tools such as drawing and typing, but also allows you to communicate using a webcam or a mic. You can even upload pictures to be used in your presentation when you're ready for them. I made a short example to give you an idea of the features. I protected my presentation with a password, so please use Bears! when prompted. This is a nice feature if you don't want your clips to be viewable by everyone. Pixiclip is currently free, so sign up!

2. Google Drawings

A Google tool you may not have explored yet is Google Drawings. Consider this: Since Google Drawings are shareable with a link, these can easily be submitted to you by students as part of any online assessment where an open-ended response is needed. The name is a little misleading....creating actual artwork (drawing, painting, etc...) is not something you'd use Google Drawings for. But it's a fantastic option for creating infographics, graphic organizers, and collaborative post-it notes, as well as creating custom graphics for use in other Google Applications such as Docs and Slides.

3. Happy Valentine's Day!

Greek and Roman mythology are full of stories of love and adventure. Valentine’s Day gives us an opportunity to review a myth as a class and explore the role of mythology in society both then and now. Here is a quick version of the Cupid story suitable for most ages. Some follow up ideas for students could be:

  • writing their own modern myth to help explain the unexplainable
  • debunking a myth using science
  • writing letters to mythological figures

Here is a nifty little science investigation with a Valentine's twist. And for math you might have students create a business plan for a Valentine’s Day product or service:

Step 1: Brainstorm their product or service.

Step 2: Budget for supplies, labor and/or other production costs.

Step 3: Set pricing, sales goals and projected profits for your business

Step 4: Compile all of this information into a presentation for the class.

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