What are Praying Mantis

By:Lorenzo Rodriguez


praying mantis eat aphids,mosquitos,roaches,bees,crickets,butterflies,grasshoppers,beetles and spiders.


praying mantis predators are

bats, birds, frogs, spiders, fish and aquatic insects eat larvae and pupae

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FUN FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • praying mantis hands are curved because praying mantis are called praying mantis because they have praying hands
  • praying mantis are shaped difrent and and come in difrent colors
  • praying mantis can be brown, white, black, and green!
  • praying mantis are mostly green!
  • praying mantis are mostly found in tropical forest of south America Africa and asia
Cat attacking a Praying Mantis