Living in a Socialist Country

Restrictions Set by the Government

The Panama Government has very little restrictions on businesses when it comes to importing goods. The main restrictions they have is the exporting of goods where you can import anything except for Drugs,Staple products determined by the government to be temporarily scarce in the country.Those products the Panamanian government decides not to export for reasons of international agreements or for the economic interest of the country.

Panama Vs. United States

The way that Panama compares to the United States is that its business freedom is above the average for other countries by Seven Percent but it is still behind the United States by seventeen percent and has not been close to the united states since 1995.

What does Panama Value

The things that Panama values would be things like Jewelry and artwork. They also value sports like Soccer, Baseball, Rugby, and Boxing, so they could get a lot of profit from selling there merchandise.

Issues in Panama vs. Issues in the United States

Some of the social issues that involve business in Panama would be that they do not give the same rights to women as the men do. Usually they get the lower income jobs and if they do get the same job they get a 20 percent pay cut. The United States does not have the same problems as Panama does.