Applications Tips and Tricks

Oily Nails? Dry nails? Curved Nails? Let's Help You Out!


Here are some basic causes for your wraps to pucker.

Problem: The wrap is too big.

Solution: The wrap should not touch the skin. It is okay to have a thin line of your nail showing on the sides; it is neutral in color and will blend in with your skin seamlessly.

Problem: The nail bed is curved.
Solution: When placing the heated wrap on the nail bed tug the end slightly over the edge of the nail pulling at the sides to pull out any wrinkles. Please check out this video for a demonstration.


Here are some basic causes for your wraps to lift.

Problem: Did not prep with alcohol.
Solution: Prep with alcohol. This is a very important step as the oils from our body can loosen the adhesive and the nail must be clean and dry before application.

Problem: Oily nail beds
Solution: Before applying your wraps, wash your hands with Dawn dish soap.

Problem: The wrap is touching the skin or cuticle.
Solution: Cuticles should be pushed back before application and wraps applied just above the cuticle mark. Wraps should not touch the skin and should be trimmed to fit the nail.

Problem: Tips were not sealed upon application.

Solution: When applying wraps, press down and hold the rubber cuticle pusher for five seconds on the edge of your nail before the filing process.
Solution: Once you are done, scrape your nails in an upward motion along your pant leg, if they catch then try trimming and filing until they do not.


Here are some common issues when applying wraps to children.

Problem: They come off the next day.

Cause: The child has picked them off.

Solution: Bribe the child. ;)

Problem: They come off the next day.

Cause: Children have very oily nail beds and thicker cuticles that are usually overgrown which sometimes causes some issues in application.
Solution: Here is a great tips and trick list for applying to children.

  1. Do them at night, after bath, so she won't be playing or picking at them soon afterwards.
  2. Wash hands with dawn, rinse, and let hands dry completely.
  3. If she'll let you, push cuticles back, leaving no film on the nail.
  4. Size nail so no shield is touching skin.
  5. Alcohol wipe the nail just prior to application to ensure oils are off and nail bed is clean.
  6. Preheat the shield, use tweezers and place it right up to heating element.
  7. Put on nail, pressure all around. Do each nail, wait until cool to trim.
  8. Use nail clippers for trimming; you can usually skip filing.


Jamberry Nail wraps should not damage your nail if applied and removed properly. Here are some tips to ensure you keep your nails healthy.

As we age, your skin, including our nail beds dry out. This is why I always use oil when removing my nail wraps. You can slide the cuticle oil under the wraps and work them off or you can soak your nails in any oil such as olive oil, coconut oil, etc for a quick and chemical free removal process.

If you have dry nail beds, I do not suggest using acetone based products to remove the wraps. If you are ripping the wraps off without heat, oil, or acetone, you run the risk of nail damage.

If you find that your nail beds are dry and flaking, use cuticle oil in the morning and at night for several days. You will find that your nails have never looked better.