MesoAmerican Brochure

socail studies class


Aztecs were great farmers because they created the Chinampas which are built on water and grow 7 times more crops. Their main crops were maize(corn) and cocoa.

Aztecs art was mostly on birds and their most used art resource was leather so most of the time they sculpted birds with the leather.

Aztecs way of recording was codices and their way of writing was hieroglyphics symbols that mean different things.

Aztecs main focuses were farming and fighting so they are usually fighting while others farmed.


Their government was strict, he picked who got married with who, and he picked where things go and who does it.

Incas usually farmed potatoes, in fact they were the first people to harvest a potato.

Their main farming technique was Terrace farming, Terrace farming was used so then the water would get to every crop, that was growing.

Incas found ways to use plants for medicine, their most way for using medicine was surgery, Incas were the first to do surgery, successfully.

Incas had llama up in the mountains that they lived in, so they made sculptures that represented the llama.


Mayans believed in many gods so they did different things for their honor.

Mayans usually farmed maize, which is basically corn.

Some of their technique of farming was slash and burn and using the canal system, but their main farming technique was slash and burn.

Mayans used the same calendar system as we do, they have a 365 year, and they use the stars to help.

Mayans pleased their gods for maize and one way they did that was play the Mayan ball game, that lasted a long time and hurt some of the players.