Live Animal Export Trade

By Abbie E

About the trade

The Live Animal Export Trade is a vital part of Australia's growing livestock industry. In 2009, a large part of the livestock export earned over $996.5 million and this money helped to support the employment of over 10 000 people in rural and regional Australia.
Australia leads the world in animal welfare customs. The Australian Government won't allow or tolerate cruelty towards animals. The ongoing support and involvment for the Live Animal Export Trade insures better animal welfare conditions when travelling between importing countries.
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In the 2009-2010 budget, the live export government decided that the Live Animal Welfare Partenership will invest $3.2 million over three years, including the government putting in $1.6 million with matching support from the Australian producers of live stock. The government has also announced a legislation that provides stronger regulation of the Leve Export Industry.

The Legislation

The legislation was a vital step by the government to modernise the export trade. There are arrangements to ensure that the animals are treated well when they travel between countries.

Australian Standards for Export of Livestock

The Australian standards for the export of livestock (ASEL) defines a reportable mortality level on a voyage or air journey as, the percentages are listed below.

Sheep and goats:2%

Cattle and buffalo: 0.5%

Camelids: 2%

Deer: 2%