Texas A&M University

By: Joe Soto


Texas A&M is the state's first public institution of higher education. With a current student body of more than 50,000 and a physical campus of more than 5,200 acres, Texas A&M is also among the nation's largest universities. Its origins, however, were much humbler. Texas A&M owes its origin to the Morrill Act, approved by the United States Congress on July 2, 1862. This act provided for donation of public land to the states for the purpose of funding higher education, whose "leading object shall be, without excluding other scientific and classical studies, and including military tactics, to teach such branches of learning as are related to agriculture and mechanic arts."

Undergraduate Programs

Biological & Agricultural Engineering, Plant Pathology and Microbiology, Entomology , Poultry Science, Landscape Architecture, Nuclear Engineering, Biological & Agricultural Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering

Graduate Programs

Agribusiness, Agriculture, Architecture, Arts, Biotechnology, Business of Administration, Computer Science, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Geo-science, Health Administration, Industrial Distribution ,etc.
Texas A&M Traditions

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Presidents Endowed Scholarship, Lechner Scholarship, and McFadden Scholarship.

Contact Information

  • Phone: 979-845-1060, Email: admissions@tamu.edu, 401 Joe Routt Boulevard, College Station, TX 77843