Sanders Elementary School

iPads — making learning fun again!

We are excited about the iPad Program at Sanders Elementary School. The iPad gives our students access to the world outside Sanders, AZ. It enables students to interact with learning directly. It captures their imagination and allows them to display learning through creativity. Students from second grade to fifth grade will each have an iPad. Pre-Kindergarden, Kindergarden and first grade will share iPads throughout the year. Based on the initial response from students and teachers we anticipate the iPads becoming an essential learning tool at Sanders Elementary School.

Virginia Coleman

My name is Virginia Coleman. My husband and I just celebrated our 32nd anniversary. We have three beautiful daughters and 10 grandchildren! I went back to college to earn my BA after our children were all in school. While I was in college, I worked as a substitute teacher all over Bonner County, Idaho. I began teaching full time in 2000, when I accepted a 5th grade position in Parker, AZ. While I was teaching in Parker, I earned my MAED in Curriculum & Instruction, Technology Integration. I have taught in Idaho, Alaska and Arizona. I accepted the Technology Grant LEA Coach Facilitator position in Sanders because I wanted to stay in Arizona and I wanted to spend more time teaching teachers how to integrate technology into their lessons. I look forward to an exciting year of learning how to use iPads to extend our students’ learning and prepare them for a future filled with technology.


Stuart Noggle

I am a Sanders native. A few years ago I finished my "collitch edumication " and I came back to help out in our community. I taught Graphic Design at Valley High School for three years. This year I will be working directly with students and teachers to integrate iPads in the classroom learning environment. I personally thank you for the opportunity to teach your students.