Art, Music, P.E., Technology and Library Media

Welcome from the ENCORE team!

Every week, your child will be participating in Art, Music, P.E., Technology and Library Media classes. Participation in the arts, movement, technology and library classes enhances student learning. Each class is 45 minutes long and meets once a week. We look forward to your child's active engagement.

Meet the Teachers

Ben Mauch, Music

Hello parents and students! My name is Benjamin Mauch, and I am the new general music teacher here at Chimborazo. I am a musician that enjoys writing, performing, and listening to all types of music. One of my passions is percussion, so plan on your children being exposed to rhythm from day one in my classes; this will include one of my favorite instruments, the bucket drum! We will also be learning about sound, music history, and how to play the recorder. Students will be singing quite a bit in class as well, so lets get those vocal chords ready to go! I am very excited for the upcoming year, and hope to bring my own love for music into our class. Thank you!

Michael Kyles, P.E.

Hello Chimborazo family, parents, and students! I would like to take the time to introduce myself. My name is Michael Kyles, and I am the physical education teacher at Chimborazo. I am an individual who enjoys sports, outdoors activities, and fishing most of all. My passion is to encourage young impressionable minds the importance of having a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Students need to realize that it’s a pertinent task to always improve mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and PHYSICALLY! I explain to students why they need to eat healthy foods, maintain a balanced diet, and to exercise. All of these components are essential to have an overall wellness. This year the students will learn to work with others in team activities, improve mental and physical strength, and to perform rigorous cardiovascular activities and exercises during stations. I am extremely excited for the upcoming year, and demonstrate my positive, upbeat love for teaching healthy lifestyles and overall wellness. Thank you!!

Stephanie Baltrip, Technology

Greetings! My name is Stephanie Baltrip and I am the manager of the computer lab. I have been teaching for Richmond Public Schools for 35 years and I have been at Chimborazo for 26 of those years. I am passionate about nurturing students and teaching about interactive and technological academic resources. in the computer lab, students will learn about the parts of the computer and how they operate and the importance of taking care of the technology in our school. Students will work on websites that reinforce skills they are developing in their classrooms. I look forward to working with your child this school year.

Shirley Johnson, Art

Good day to all. My name is Shirley E. Johnson and I am a museum and gallery artist, a commissioned mural painter, certified gardener as well as a certified art teacher.

This summer the mural I painted was completed in July. Now our mural has a title and a painting of a book with the artist's names. The art program includes mandated art exhibitions throughout the city. Our students have won several awards and exhibited in places such as the Black History Museum and the Fine Arts Festival. I include the classroom curriculum in my art lessons as well as collaborate with teachers on special projects. I incorporate a garden education program that will allow students to understand how plants grow and how they are maintained. I am looking forward to an outstanding year here at what I call "Chimborazo Elementary School of Art & Technology." Thank you.

Stephanie Sananikone, Library Media

Salutations readers! I am Stephanie Sananikone (rhymes with banana-cone), the Library Media Specialist here at Chimborazo. I have had the honor of working as Chimborazo's Library Media Specialist since 2014. I am passionate about books and reading. I love hearing about new books and re-reading old favorites. I also am very interested in making things. I knit and crochet and am always trying new things. I became a Library Media Specialist because I love books and reading. I love the way that a story can transport me and help me to learn about new people and places. I want the library at Chimborazo to provide the same opportunity for students to build empathy and become interested and avid readers. I can't wait to read with you!