Digital Footprint PSA

By: Thomas Boston


My name is Thomas Boston and I grew up in North Carolina. I have been in the Boy Scouts of America Organization since I was in the first grade. I am interested in sports and the technical field. I like football, tennis, basketball, and soccer. The dream of going into Information Technology Support has been within me since freshman year of high school. I am a responsible, courageous, and loyal man.


  • Stay true to your dreams and don't let anybody tell you otherwise. You are living your own unique life and nobody can live it for you.
  • Be positive with everything you do. There is no way to be successful by being negative and saying you "can't" do something.
  • Do something in life that makes you happy and increase the value of your well-being.
  • Have as much fun with life as you can. You only live once so might as well enjoy it while it is available.