by Andy S


Shock is a dangerous reduction in blood flow to body tissue.

How is this condition caused ?

when someone has had a condition or injury that reduces blood flow, including, heavy bleeding, heart attack, dehydration, allergic reactions, infections and trama.

Signs or Symptoms

Some signs and symptoms are bluish lips, chest pain, cool clammy skin and paleness, dizziness, fainting, sweating, shallow breathing, and unconscious.

First Aid Procedures (Steps to give First Aid)

1. Have person lie down

2. Raise legs 12 inches off the floor

3. Give first aid to other injuries

4. Loosen other clothing

5. Keep person warm

6. Do not give anything to eat or drink

Monitor pulse and breathing until EMS arrive. If person has no pulse start CPR. If person drools or vomits turn head to one side. Do not move if you suspect spinal injury