Military Uniform Research

Kiley Wecker 1st Period

Naval Investigator and Lawyer Lieutenant Commander Jo

Beginning Questions

1. Do Naval investigators and lieutenants wear the same thing?

2. How do women's uniforms differ from mens?

3. Are there different forms of women's uniforms? How are they decided?

4. Is there any freedom in what women such as Jo wear?

5. How do 1980's uniforms differ from the uniforms today?


I found that Jo's dress would be most closely related to the "service" form of Naval uniform. There are three main types of uniforms navy personal wear, service dress, full dress, and dinner dress. But, there are many different forms depending on your specific job and rank. In the 1980's women with Jo's rank wore mostly skirts, neck tabs, required hats, white shirts, and jackets. Trousers were offered, but skirts were usually the dominant pant. The color depended on the season; white in the winter and blue in the summer. Chief Petty Officers would wear different colors, such as khaki. Women's dress differed from mens in that men wore strictly trousers, four-in-hand neckties, and different suit coats. Although there are many different forms of uniform based on what job you have, they are all very closely related, besides the working uniform. Even though Jo is a lawyer and investigator, she would still wear the same thing as everybody else because she is still in the Navy...very little freedom is given with dress code. Women's uniforms in the 1980's are still very similar to the ones today, but trousers have been more apparent instead of skirts.


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