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Customized Injection Moulding Solutions for All Your Plastic Production Needs

Plastics have become common materials. Conventional hydraulic and pneumatic systems, pipes, plugs, stoppers, flanges use a wide range of plastics. These materials are manufactured using injection, extrusion of dip moulding.

Injection moulding

This method is ranked as one of the most advanced method of producing plastic items. The process is suitable for both mass and batch production. It gains a significant niche in the manufacturing arena due to its high precision and dimensional stability that identical parts have.

This process is suitable for nearly all types of plastics since it gives a good finish for both small and large parts. It is suitable for small plastic caps, electronic device housing, crate making, disposable razors, car bumpers, plastic buckets, and covering for most products.

Customized injection mould making process

To achieve parts with high quality and long service life, the mould must be specially designed to produce the necessary shape and impact the requisite strength and materials properties. Due to variability, moulds need to be changed and this brings about the need for customised solutions to suit the user’s design and product preferences. The customised process starts with the user submitting a simple drawing or a concept of the component with dimensions. This eliminates the client from a lot of stress involved in design.

Upon receiving this, a panel of engineers and expert use 3D CAD software to develop a full three dimensional prototypes. This is sent to the client for perusal and any correction. The client also receives a 3D printout of his actual component allowing him to physically visualise how the product will appear.

Upon the client approval, the experts and engineers engage in the development stage. This is followed by a comprehensive quote so that the customer pays for the final item.

The product is then taken to an advanced design department where tooling and exert dimensions are determined. The sophisticated tooling process ensures that precision and accuracy. It guarantees that the mould will provide the same component millions of time without error.

After tooling, the design is sent to modern 6 axis CNC machines such as lathe, drills, milling among others. These produce the customised component to exactness, precision and accuracy in just a very short time. Detailed quality inspections are carried before the mould is used to manufacture the component. In addition, the product can be sent to the client if he wants to manufacture the components himself.

Essential features of customized moulds

Customised solutions offer manufactures high quality products. They allow them to alter their products in terms of shape, size, colour and material. They are manufactured through precision CNC machines and this makes them very accurate.

Advantages of customized moulds

These Custom Injection moulding offer manufactures and designers a simple cost effective way to improve their products and get higher profits. By using advanced CAD enabled design and sophisticated manufacturing techniques, the process of making new moulds is reduced to just a few weeks. The cost of the mould is also considerably low.