Wind into Energy

The process of converting wind into energy

How does it work

A process of where a propeller harness energy from the wind turns the turbines sending that energy to a generator harnessing it until the need for it


It's a clean sores of energy

it's renewable

cost effective

raped growth and huge potential


threat to wildlife

expensive to set up

wind changes direction


people do not like to look at them

How much energy does the U.S get?

Wind energy accounts for 4.4% of the total energy the us uses

Colorado energy usage of wind

14.2% of colorado energy comes from wind energy

How cost effective?

Wind energy is a renewable resource meaning it will always be visible as long as its wind. This method is a very effective way of producing electricity for the reason that its generates lots of energy and this method is the cheapest way to harnessing energy.

Top three countries that use wind

  1. China (produces 67.7 gigawatts capacity)

  2. U.S ( Produces 60 gigawatts)

  3. Germany (produces 30 gigawatts)