Digital Storytelling Project

Norma Velazquez

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In the beginning of the course...

I visioned myself as an elementary school teacher, preferably teaching the youngsters (kindergarten) around Freehold, but now I have come to realize that with the amount of money they earn a year, the big humongous mansion in Florida, and being able to travel around the world with my family, is going down the drain. Reality Check, was one of the curriculums that had taught me, that living on your own and paying for taxes, food, cars and a house isn't so easy when you are in a profession that doesn't earn a lot.


  • Being able to memorize things quickly
  • Create colorful posters
  • Organized


  • Math
  • Art
  • Softball


  • Get things done early
  • Persistent
  • Caring
  • Friendly


  • Able to take something simple and create a masterpiece
  • Talk to customers ( Spanish and English)

Career interests

Pediatricians: provide medical care for infants, children, teenagers and young adults
  • earn about $165,860 a year
  • have a high school diploma, pass a state's licensing exam, bachelor's degree


  • high level of social interaction
  • work more than 40 hours per week
  • always work indoors
Dentists: examine patient's teeth and mouth and correct dental problems
  • earn $134,760 more than $187,200 per year
  • have a highschool diploma, complete at least 2 years of college, graduate from dental school
  • have a high level of social contact
  • work constantly with patients and co-workers
  • are exposed on a daily basis to the diseases and and infections carried by patients
  • must fully complete and be exact on their work
Veterinarians: treat animal health problems, and also work to prevent, control, and cure animal diseases
  • earn about $112,440 per year
  • pass a state's licensing exam, complete at least 2 years of pre-veterinary study, have a highschool diploma
  • are exposed to contaminants daily, such as chemicals
  • have a set-schedule each week
  • must be exact in their work


In about 10 years, I imagine myself first living in a one-room apartment, my rooms will be filled of all sorts of colors and artwork, in a 'friendly and comfortable' environment! Staying in NJ, would be marvelous, since I would like to stay near my family and friends! On the other hand, when I have gotten myself situated... I imagine myself living in a somewhat large home in Orlando, Florida or Los Angeles, California, somewhere near the ocean!


School, plays a dramatic role in getting to be able to achieve what you want to be, in my case, a pediatrician. I understand that throughout the years, my interests may adjust here and there. Using the program, College Search in PFFLS, has allowed to me to consider, the prodigious schools that are available to teenagers, like me. However, the cost is a mind-changer, some going up to $100,000! Can you believe it?
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