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2.5 million deaths each year and 50% of families choose cremation. Learn about traveling with cremated remains, an eco friendly, memory stones, cremation jewelry, and about scattering ashes. Ask us how you can create a memorial to remember your loved one's by.


Let us help you with finding a memorial. We offer an array of memorial idea's, planting a tree, Jewelry, Headstones, gravestones, statues.

Burying plan

This fee covers services common to all funerals including the use of the home, the services of the funeral director and funeral home attendants, burial arrangement coordination (with a cemetery or other), securing permits, etc. transporting the body, embalming, Organ donation, times for viewing (or wakes), open or closed casket, use of a hearse or limousine, burial container, cremation and interment. Flowers, clergy services, obituary notices, pallbearers and other service providers such as soloists or musicians.

Living wills, estate planning, probate, trusts

Let us help you with Living trusts and wills, estate planning. We will help insure your assets and property be given out appropriately and help executers if needed. We offer understanding and help when it is your end of life decision.