Consumer Rights

Right to Safety

The Right to Safety is about consumers getting injured by products that can be dangerous. Examples: 1. Don't vacuum with toys on the ground. 2. Don't aim a gun to yourself

Right to Be Informed

The Right to Be Informed is about providing people enough information on what to do at work.

Examples: 1. Make sure workers know how to use a phone. 2. Remind workers what the safety rules are there.

Right to Be Heard

The Right to Be Heard gives people the ability to speak up and give opinions about things.

Examples: 1. If people at work are getting underpaid, they need to speak up. 2. If your getting bullied during your job you need to speak up.

Right to Satasfaction of Basic Needs

The Right to Satasfaction of Basic Needs means people need to have access to food, water, shelter, and more.

Examples: 1. If you are poor, you can go to the local food bank. 2. If you don't have shelter, maybe because of a storm, go to the Red Cross.

Right to Redress

The Right to Redress means people should get a refund if they buy something and it gets ruined right away.

Examples: 1. If you buy a sweater and it shrinks in the wash, you should get a refund. 2. If you buy a pack of gum, which when you open it, it has no gum, you should get a refund.

Right to Consumer Education

The Right to Consumer Education means that people need to have knowledge on how to make good choices.

Examples: 1. People need to know not to take bad drugs. 2. People need to know not to steal things.

Right to Choose

The Right to Choose means that people need to be able to choose what company they want to get there things from.

Examples: 1. If there is a food product that tastes better than another company's version, you should be able to buy which one you want. 2. If there is a brand of clothing people like over another brand, they need to have a choice on which one to get.

Right to a Healthy Enviroment

The Right to a Healthy Enviroment means that people should be able to live in a clean and safe enviroment.

Examples: 1. People should not litter. 2. Vehicles need to produce less pollution.

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