Articles of Confederation

Amy Harts


1. Declare war and make peace

2. Coin and borrow money

3. To sign treaties and to detail with foreign countries

4. To operate post offices

5. This document created a bridge between the states and making friendships

6. The freedom of movement section


1. The government could not control the states and make them obey the law

2. No power to tax

3. No power to enforce laws

4. The Congress lacked a strong leadership

5. There was no army or navy

6. Every state could issue their own paper money

Weak Central Government

I believe that the creators of this created a weak central government because they did not put enough force on the states and the people. They did not force them to obey laws so the states thought they could get away with it. They also should have put taxes on some things as well. Also, a government isn't going to be strong without an army or navy standing behind them.
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