443 Tech Challenge 6-8

January 19, 2015

Let's Play!

Sometimes you know you should stretch a set of skills, but you're missing the inspiration or motivation to push yourself. Hopefully, one of these "tasks" will inspire you to explore or develop your technology skills!

We've put together a few tasks featuring a variety of apps or sites and utilizing a range of technical abilities. Most of these tasks ask you to create small projects similar to what you might ask your students to complete to demonstrate their understanding or as an assessment of their learning.

We know that, as a classroom teacher, you'll feel more confident asking students to use technology if you know a bit about the process yourself. You definitely don't need to be an expert, but a little knowledge makes you more relaxed and comfortable.

The best way to gain a little bit of knowledge about a process is to PLAY! So here's a purpose and a plan to help you PLAY!

Publish Your Work!

Share your creativity and inspire others by publishing today's work in one of three ways:
  1. Post your project on the USD 443 iPad Facebook page
  2. Share your project via Google Drive with huck_karalee@443mail.org
  3. Email me (huck.karalee@usd443.org) with a link to your project
My Disclaimer:

I've tried to provide links to apps in the App Store and tutorial demos wherever possible.
  1. I don't promise that they're all correct
  2. It's extremely difficult to find a tutorial demo that represents an app EXACTLY THE WAY IT LOOKS TODAY because apps update and change constantly. Hopefully, the demo is close enough that it will be helpful :-)

Tasks 1 & 2: Skitch

Beginner & Intermediate Levels


Tech challenges developed by Craig Badura

Skitch is an app developed by Evernote that allows you to annotate (draw, text, arrows, shapes) a photograph or screen shot. It's extremely useful for labeling and marking, and there are unlimited classroom applications:

  • label items--foreign language, ELL, science
  • label maps--social studies, geography, literature
  • mark text--literature
  • whiteboard--math, literature

Here's a nice tutorial showing how to use Skitch (an earlier version--my Skitch tools are now on the right side of the screen) and some classroom applications.

Task 1: Skitch--Beginner Level

Big image
Click here for a clearer copy!

Task 2: Skitch--Intermediate Level

Big image
Click here for a clearer copy! (Page 2)

Task 3: App Smash--Animated Explanation

Intermediate Level

Task 3: Animated Explanation

Also developed by Craig Badura

Asking students to explain, argue, or narrate is a genuine way to measure their understanding of concepts and processes, and animation apps allow students to "present" in a setting that feels safe. Because these apps require students to record their presentations, they allow our students to experience much needed practice with academic vocabulary.

A favorite animation app is Tellagami. Start with Tellagami if you've not used an animation app before. If you are familiar with Tellagami, you might try Zoobe.

Click the name of each app for a link to the app in the App Store. Click here for a link to a Tellagami tutorial, and click here for a link to a Zoobe tutorial. Warning: Zoobe does have some adult content, so consider that before allowing students to use it.

Big image
Click here for a clearer copy!
Quick Tellagami Example!
Tellagami Video on Mr. Poppers Penguins
Quick Zoobe example!
Dresden Bombing
Tasks 1-3 come from Craig Badura's website Comfortably 2.0 . The app challenges can be found here.

Task 4: Paper.Li

(You Will Want a Computer For This)

Intermediate Level

Task 4: Paper.Li

Created by Jennifer Gonzalez

This explanation and demo is from Jennifer Gonzalez's 1/6/15 post "6 Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2015" from her blog Cult of Pedagogy
Big image
Curating an Online Newspaper with Paper.li

Task 4: Create a Paper.Li newspaper

Choose a topic from an upcoming unit and see what kind of articles it generates. This might be something YOU do to share with students, or it might be something STUDENTS do to track a topic.

Warning or Disclaimer--This MAY NOT work as well for students as it appears to, especially as many of yours are under 13 and aren't likely to have Twitter accounts, etc. In fact, when I made my own paper.li newspaper, I didn't have as much "stuff" to choose from as did Gonzalez. It is probably user error on my part, but I thought this really looked slick in Gonzalez's video! I think it's worth playing with and maybe using from the teacher end.

Task 5: Google Forms & Flubaroo

(You May Want Access to a Computer)

Beginner - Intermediate Level

Google Forms & Flubaroo

We've worked on Google Forms (here's a tutorial for review, if needed), but we haven't talked yet about using the Add-On Flubaroo to make some of our Google Forms self grading.

Adding on Flubaroo is not difficult, and it may mean less grading time, which could then translate into incorporating more Checks for Understanding into our lessons!

Task 5: Google Forms & Flubaroo

Here are the steps, and the video very quickly and clearly walks you through them--

Step 1: Create a Google Form that asks objective questions
Step 2: Complete the form yourself. This will become the ANSWER KEY that Flubaroo uses
Step 3: Get the Flubaroo Add-On
Step 4: Set up Flubaroo so it will grade your assignment
Flubaroo Add-on
Disclaimer: As far as I can tell, you CAN DO all of this on the iPad, but creating Forms on the iPad can get frustrating. I end up accidentally reordering items unintentionally, etc. For this reason, you may want to use your laptop and visit the CMS library and use the computers there.

To get to the Desktop Version of Google Drive on your iPad, follow these steps:
  1. Go to Safari
  2. Type drive.google.com into the URL
  3. Touch the 3 horizontal lines in the upper left of the Google Drive screen (other stuff may come up before this--if you can't get there, holler for help!)
  4. Touch Desktop Version at the bottom of this panel. Now, what you're seeing might closer match what you see in the video. This version of Google Drive will also allow you to get the Flubaroo add on.

Task 6: Create or Clean Up a Rubric

Beginner Level

Big image

Task 6: Create or Clean Up a Rubric

Read Jennifer Gonzalez's fantastic article about a better way to write rubrics. Choose an existing rubric or think about a rubric you need for an upcoming unit and revise or create the rubric according to Gonzalez's advice.

Rubistar and iRubric (part of rCampus) are two online rubric creators that might be helpful, but there's nothing wrong with making a rubric in Word, Docs, Excel, Sheets, Pages, etc. Hand draw a fun one in Notability or a drawing app. Have fun!

Task 7: Stick Around

Intermediate Level

Task 7: Stick Around

Stick Around is NOT free, but the district has pushed out copies to 6-12 students and teachers. Check Self Service for your copy!
Big image
Stick Around - Label States
Big image

Task 7: Stick Around

Create a Stick Around puzzle. Don't hesitate to create the perfect background that will help your students learn a concept in an upcoming unit. Get the background image to your camera roll, and pull it into Stick Around to create a labeling puzzle.

Tech challenge created by Darin Swenson

Click here for a clearer copy!

Task 8: Stop Motion And/Or Green Screen Video

Advanced Level

Hosted by John Bouchard in Rm 105

John has graciously agreed to briefly demo green screen and stop motion technology. John has previous experience with green screen technology, and he's been playing with stop motion for a few days now (truly, that's all the time he needs!). Follow John to his classroom, watch his quick demos, and then create your own example with a partner or a group.

Download these apps: VeeScope Live, GSMX, and iMotion
Green Screen Resource

Here's a great quick video that shows the workflow process involved with a stop motion/green screen video.
greenscreen workflow
Stop Motion Resource

Here's a link to stop motion from a student's perspective and his example.
Social Studies Project
Lego Movie Maker is another popular stop motion movie app. You can't add sound in this app, but move your Lego movie into iMovie and add all the sound you want!

Task 8: Stop Motion and/or Green Screen Video

Create a video that uses one or both concepts with a partner or group. We can't wait to see what you create!