Los Angeles, California

The City Of Angels

Travel Information and Expenses

If you are looking to visit The City of Angels A.K.A. Los Angeles, you should obviously know about traveling expenses and distance. LA is 1,546.5 miles away from Houston TX. The cheapest way to get to LA is driving, but it would take 22 hours and 53 minutes straight to get there. If you flew on the cheapest commercial flight it would be 312$ but it would only take 3.5 hours. I'm going to be flying to Los Angeles

Lodging Overview

I will be staying at a hotel called Hilton Pasadena. It is only 9 miles away from downtown Los Angeles which means it will take only about 10 minutes to get there. The hotel will be $139 for every night. I will have came with some of my friends but they would be paying for themselves. I would stay outside the city because downtown can be very dangerous at night. There are hobos everywhere that will rob you at night.
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Fun Facts

1. When L.A. was founded, the city’s full name was “El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora Reina de los Angeles sobre el Rio Porciuncula.” (If your Spanish is rusty, that translates to “The town of our lady queen of the angels on the Porciuncula River.”)

2. In 1892, oil was discovered near what is now Dodger Stadium.

3. By 1923, Los Angeles produced one quarter of the world’s oil. It still sits atop the third-largest oil field in the country!

4. An oil derrick on the property of Beverly Hills High School produces about 400 barrels a day. The school earns about $300,000 a year in royalties.

5. Not many people consider visiting the coroner to finish their holiday shopping. But if you do, the L.A. coroner’s office has a gift shop.

6. When it rains in L.A., it pours. On April 5, 1926, a gauge in the San Gabriel Mountains collected an inch of rain in just one minute.

7. While in February 1978, almost a foot of rain fell in 24 hours.

8. How did the film industry end up in L.A.? To get away from Thomas Edison. Edison—who lived in New Jersey—held most of the country’s film patents. Filmmakers fled westward to avoid Edison’s intellectual property claims.

9. Beverly Hills started out as a modest lima bean ranch.

10. And Santa Monica Pier was originally designed to protect a sewage pipe that dumped treated sewage into the ocean.

11. In 2006, a new tar pit was discovered. It contained the remains of saber-toothed cats, giant sloths, American lions, and a mammoth that was named Zed.

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