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Spring Hill Middle School Library Media Center

The "Welcome Back to School" Issue

August - October 2014
THE PROGRAM Book Trailer

B4: Bring Breakfast, Browse Books

The SHMS Libraries will be hosting two B4 Previews. Students with B4 tickets can eat their breakfast in the library and get a sneak peek at our newest titles. Dates will be determined as soon as possible. Watch for B4 posters to go up in the Libraries soon and plan to hang out.

Tickets can be picked up at the Circulation Desk from Mrs. Cheek or Mrs. Sobotka.

Note: To receive a ticket, a student must have no late books or library fines.

Scholastic Book Fair

We're changing things up this fall with the book fair. Including the date and location. The book fair will come to SOUTH in September (not during P/T conferences in October). However, we may be relocating from the Library to a still undisclosed location. (Oooh! Mystery!! How intriguing!!) Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for our posters.

NORTH: Read the Rainbow - Earn SKITTLES!!

Because candy is yummy & books are, too,

The Library has a challenge for you!

And it doesn't involve reading bad poetry,

unless you really want it to.

Accept the challenge to read books based on their cover color! This is a completely random idea, I know!!

You'll read 11 books: Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, White, Gray, & Black. 100 page minimum, each. Fill out a book form after each book & submit to Library Personnel, who will initial your master form & reward you with a Starburst candy. When you've Read the Rainbow, you'll earn a bag of skittles (not a snack size, either!). Other prizes may be available for those reading above and beyond the rainbow.

Deadline: Wednesday, December 10th, 3:20 PM.

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SOUTH: 25 Book Challenge!!

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to read 25 books you have never read before. 125 page minimum, each.

Fill out a book form after each book & submit to Library Personnel, who will initial your master form.

Complete the challenge = $20 Barnes & Noble gift card. Read more books over the first 25 than all other registered competitors = your B & N gift card will be $40 (instead of $20).

Deadline: Wednesday, December 10th, 3:30 PM.

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My dog tried to eat my library book!

What did you do?

I took the words right out of his mouth!!

Why does the ghost come back to the Library every day for more books?

Because she goes through them too quickly!

The Big Ugly Truth About Checking Out Library Books

You must have NO missing books, no late books, no library fines (even from other libraries). If you do you won't be allowed to check out another book. Period.

**You also won't be allowed to participate in the COOL ACTIVITIES above.**

And that is the complete Sad-News-Bears TRUTH of the matter. Straight from the Librarian's mouth and through her keyboard to your eyes and your mind.

Please, please, please: if this applies to you, get it taken care of ASAP so all students have access to all the books all the time. (And you can be part of the cool stuff, too!)

Some things you should know about the Librarian . . .

I relish an excellent book (and a strong verb - like relish) followed by a thoughtful discussion. I also adore learning stuff!! And I become really excited about helping students learn stuff and about helping them learn about learning stuff. So, yeah. I geek learning.

Some things you should know about the Library Aide . . .

I love the world of books. You can time-travel to new lands and eras. Have adventures with dragons, dogs, cats, magical worlds full of excitement. But, most of all I like reading about people. The books place me in their shoes of how they lived, survived and how had it help them learn to be strong from what they endured.

I not only like to read but I like to cook, camp out and sit around a campfire with family and friends.