by: Priscilla Cummings

What if you couldn't see the future?


A fourteen year old girl named Natalie loses some of her sight. Her parents send her to the Baltimore school for the Blind. She doesn't want to get help at first. Natalie ends up at the school for the blind. She resists at first. She then starts to learn new things to help her with her sight. she gets to go home on weekends. She then feels as if she is losing everything. She meets some new friends at the school. Then one day while she is at school she loses all of her sight. She is upset about it. She tries to hide it but then she learns to embrace it. A new girl named Gabrielle come to the school. She is Natalie's roommate. Gabrielle hates it at first but like Natalie she adapts. She believes nothing is wrong with her just like Natalie did. At Christmas time Serena (Natalie's other friend at school) hangs Christmas lights in her room. Natalie says she can she then sort of. She calls her mom and tells her the news. Dr.Rose told Natalie not to get her hopes up.They were in a fight on the street. Bree as Natalie calls her ends up dying because of an anersym. Natalie has some hardships in the story but she overcomes them. Natalie plans to go to college with her friends from the blind school. Spoiler Alert: Natalie doesn't get her sight back but she does get hope after Bree dies.
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"There was always hope wasn't there?" ~ Natalie


I chose this book because of the way that the author's summary pulled me in. the book was so emotional. I felt as if i was seeing the book through the author's eyes.My favorite part of the book occurred Natalie finally realized that she doesn't have to hide her blindness. she should embrace it. She can be different. My opinion of this book was that it was an emotional reading experience. I love the way the author put so much emotion in to it. Some reasons I liked this book because it showed how fast something can be taken away from you. It shows the struggles that disabled people go through. This book captures the emotions of the reader. You feel like your going through what the characters are. You see the book through the author's eyes. Overall I would rate this book a 4 1/2 because the book wasn't perfect but it captures what we should be thankful for the little things in life because they might not be there some day when we need them the most. I would recommend this book to 13 year old's and up.
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Priscilla Cummings