Biodiversity Project- Bay Cat

By: Keegan Smith, Chloe Lemley, and Nicholas Brorman

Description of Bay Cat

The Bay cat is about the size of a large house cat and has a reddish color fur. Some Bay cats have faint black markings on their legs. The Bay cat looks a lot like a small mountain lion. The bay cat seems to occur in a range of habitats, varying from hill forest to dipterocarp forest and swamp forest. The bay cat is known only from the island of Borneo and it has long been considered rare.
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The blue dots are Bay Cat sightnings

Estimated Population of Bay Cats

There is only about 44 Bay cats in the entire world in captivity with about 5 of them being in captivity in the US. They are only found on the Borneo island. Their estimated population size is less than 2,500 and declining.

Bay Cat causes and of declining population and steps being taken to protect them.

There is almost nothing known about this cat because it is very rare. It is believed that the main reason of their decline is humans cutting down on their habitats but since there is not much known about them it’s hard to keep them safe.

Article About Bay Cat

In the article about the bay cat, it talked about how a photographer managed to get a photo of the elusive Bay Cat by setting an infrared sensor to go off whenever an animal crosses it. They put this sensor where a they previously saw a Bay Cat to maximize their chance of getting a shot of it.
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Summary of Expedition

These expeditions normally take about three to four weeks. During these weeks, scientists make notes about the species that they see, whether it is new or an already known species. On this expedition they discovered more than 15 new species.

New Species- Long Nose Tree Frog

The long nose tree frog was discovered in the foja mountains on the expedition held in 2008. The long nosed tree frog has another name called the pinocchio frog. Science the tree frog was only discovered in 2008 there isn't a lot known about this frog. There is no known importance to this frog as of now other then it's a new frog species.