Watch That Attitude!!

Ways Our Attitudes Can Help Motivate Our Kids

Show Excitement for Our Jobs

Talk to your kids about the work you do. Show enthusiasm and appreciation for your daily work. Talk about how your job impacts others.

Be Respectful of Co-Workers and Supervisors

Parents are the best role models for their own children. Speak of your co-workers and supervisors with respectful language. Show that you get along with others, and can collaborate and cooperate.

Show Interest in Your Child's Schoolwork

Parents should stay involved and interested in the work their children are doing. Ask questions about it. Make connections by showing how their work relates to work in the real world. Offer to extend the learning when possible by taking trips to local museums or places that relate to what is being taught.


How can I better encourage immigrant parents to extend learning by exploring resources outside my school?

How can I help working parents stay connected and feel involved in their students' learning?

First Step...

I'll continue to improve my class blog for the upcoming school year so that parents are better informed and engaged in our classroom learning.