Voyage of the St.Louis

the ship that tried to help the Jews


The Voyage of the St.louis is a ship and the captin of the ship is Gustav Schroeder. In May 13, 1939 the boat , St.Louis, had more then 900 Jewish people.they pass by the shores of Florida.The United States Coast guards followed the ship to check that no Jews jump of the ship and try to go to the shore.the ship goes all over the world to try to make countries to let the jews stay there until the whole nazi thing is over.


In May 1939,937 passengers, left Hamburg, Germany to Cuba. And on May 27 the president from Cuba denied the entry for refuges. Less then 30 passengers get the visa to stay in Cuba.
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Sail to Europe

When ever the president from Cuba denied the entry of the Jews they were going to have to sail back to Germany. But Gustav Schroeder, the captin of the ship, wanted to help the jews so he insisted and wen to the U.S. the U.S. didnt wanted them so they sailed to Europe.
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Divide the Jews

After they tried getting some Jews to stay in the U.S. they headed for Europe. In Europe they divided them into 4 places. Belgium took 214, Netherlands took 181, Great Britain took 287, and France took 224.

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